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Three Unique Pieces. Only three Maquettes were made each with variations in the backgrounds and finish.

Layered laser cut birch ply
Hand assembled with hide glue (Do not expose to extreme temperatures)
Painted with hi-flow acrylic paint
10" x 10" with 1.5" deep black box frame
Non-Reflective Artglass

The Maquettes are part of the early design stages for the Tuby character. They therefore are not only of historic interest but are rare instances not to be repeated

At the time a more grotesque image was being pursued for the characters' appearance. The image was pre-pandemic so the obsession with cleanliness and hygiene had not yet gripped. Factors that weighed on the continued development of the character post pandemic

For these reasons and the rarity as Objets D'Art the Maquettes have immeasurable value as collection pieces

*Please note: As this is a unique piece and will require special shipping please contact us about this purchase to discuss delivery