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Tuby Painting with Artist Mark McLaughlin
is the brainchild of Mark McLaughlin – A Graphic Artist and Painter inspired by London, computer graphics, cartoons, comics, manga, graffiti, street art and sign writing.

Tuby is a Monster, more a Grotesque really, for our times. Adapted from the London Underground Symbol to create a character unique to one of the greatest Cities on earth.

Designing Tuby

'When I returned to London the all pervasive Tube symbol appeared to hold a face, a character and I began to draw this out. At first the monster was truly terrifying, ugly and overpowering—perhaps the subconscious response of a newcomer to London. Few people appreciated this characterisation however and so I pushed on to find something more available, less offending.'

With time other influences began to enter, notably the fangs. The fangs often appear in graffiti characters around the city, a writer from the CBM Crew, ‘Wise' depicts them on his throw-up ‘W’ and ‘Myst' a Parisian Graffiti Artist, I have long admired, also has characters with fangs.'

Mark McLaughlin, Keeper of Tuby


The Vampire as the metaphorical monster makes most sense to anyone who has spent a day in London—Drained and lifeless by nightfall but back we go back  for more the very next day. ‘Turned’ as the hapless victim to the Vampire.

This kind of addiction to the City is very real and as so often in Vampire stories the feeding drives one on prevailing against better senses.

Willingly we submit to the fun, the hype, the excitement, the endless possibilities and the promise of fruits yet to be tasted. Drawing on this energy from the City a soul can soon be entranced. Enter at your own risk, do not loose yourself.

Perhaps then Tuby is a warning or like the Medieval Grotesques there to ward off evil, a protector, or can Tuby offer us eternal life? We can only find out—like characters in a horror movie we are curious explorers hungry for adventure.'

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Registered Office:

2nd Floor, Oceantech House
Station Approach, Cheam
London Borough of Sutton

Picture Credits: Polaroid Portrait by Alex Amery, Painting Monstrocity in Global Street Art by Matt Bowen

Painting Monstrocity forefather of Tuby in London